The benefits of doing yoga are endless -- cultivating awareness of your body, breath, and mind being just a few. But the process can be intimidating, especially for those just beginning their practice, or if you are working with an injury or disability. Private yoga instruction can create a safe space for those looking for extra focus and help. 

 I offer my yoga clients detailed instruction and tailored sequences, making sure their practice fits their needs and bodies. I work mainly in the style of vinyasa flow, and also offer power and restorative yoga instruction. Along with the physical practice, I also teach instruction on meditation, breath work, or a combination of them all.


Individual Class, 1 hour: $60
Partner/Couple Class, 1 hour: $80
Class Package: 6 classes for $300 (one free class)
Large group class prices vary by amount of students, starting at $100 an hour. Please inquire directly for any group larger than 2 people.

All private classes are given at client's home or space of choice (e.g. gym or outdoor space). A 50% deposit will be needed on the day of booking in order to secure your class, and bookings are subject to a 24-hour cancellation fee. Extra fees may be included for mileage, depending on total distance driven. 

Yoga + Meditation for Special Events

Want to spread the positive vibes of yoga to your coworkers, employees, or friends? Book a tailor-made class for your special event! I offer meditation and yoga classes for:

  • Large companies or offices
  • Bachelor / Bachelorette parties
  • Mini-sessions for conferences or meetings
  • Wedding day yoga
  • Guided meditation for large groups

Contact me directly for any large group events, or to brainstorm your very own yoga / meditation event. Prices upon request.

Public Class Schedule

I am so grateful to call Wanderlust Yoga Austin my home studio and practice space! Please check the calendar below for the most updated class times, dates, and subbed classes. To reserve a spot in class, click the Wanderlust logo to be sent directly to their site. See you on the mat, yogis!

Weekly Classes:

Candlelight Vinyasa // 8:30p

Warmed Vinyasa // 6:00a

75 min. Vinyasa // 9:30a

Heated Vinyasa // 4:00p